David Hurn





David performed at the Opole Songrwiters Festival in Poland on November 22nd 2014. To co-incide with the performance, a new 5 track instrumental EP was released on October 28th. Titled Museum of You.


This a limited edition CD only release and will not be made available as a download. Please make sure when ordering the CD that you supply a postal address.


David's instrumental e.p. titled The Glaze is available to purchase via Bandcamp. This download only release features 4 tracks and will be the first in a series of releases that can hopefully fund one or two physical releases.


Four Seasons Television is David Hurn and James O'Sullivan plus one other improvising musician. Debut CD album Skip All is now available and can be purchased here. The album features contributions from Dario Bernal-Villegas (percussion), Chris Prosser (Violin) and Claire Brock (Percussion).


David’s collaboration with Ingrid Chavez resulted in the co-written song, I’ll Be Fine.


in the woods


A series of improvised guitar duets by David and James O’Sullivan are currently being compiled with the view to producing an album. It is likely that the record will be titled Muse and Jailor. More news to follow on this project as and when it emerges.

David's music can be heard on the discography page, and also at soundcloud, myspace and facebook.


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